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BPOs / Market Valuations are completed by state licensed real estate agents that have been prescreened by REM personnel to insure licensing, insurance, competency and professionalism.

Exterior Market Valuations

The exterior market valuation is an exterior only inspection of the subject property. Reports include exterior photos of the subject property.

Interior Market Valuations

The interior market valuation includes an agent inspection of the interior and exterior of the subject property. Reports include exterior and interior photos of the property.

Forms Used

REM uses several forms for BPOs. The most commonly used form is our own REM Form. The REM Form includes three comparable sales and three comparable listings. The As Is value and the Quick Sale value are included with this report for exterior BPOs. An As Repaired value is provided for interior valuations.

REM agents can also provide information on the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac market analysis forms. These forms provide the suggested List Price and probable Sale Price for exteriors and also the As Repaired value for interiors.

Special requests to use custom forms can also be accommodated.

Professionally Reviewed by REM Quality Control

All BPOs are reviewed by our in-house professionals to insure a product that is reliable, timely and accurate.


Reevaluations are available on ALL BPOs. When you have a concern regarding a report, its value or have conflicting values you can request the REM QC team to review the report. For any value that may appear questionable, REM will have the original agent review the item in question. We require a written reply response explaining his value or provide an updated report or addendum to the original.

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