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This web site has been designed to deliver the highest quality real estate valuation and services utilizing state of the art technology, together with customized service to meet the needs of our customers.  

With our new web site clients will be able to:

  • Place orders
  • Check the status of an individual orders
  • Check the status of all outstanding orders by requester, department or by Institution
  • Review price opinions
  • Access to all orders and its information for up to six months stored with REM Corporation
  • Access to photos electronically
Our Clients will now be able to:
  • Order via email, through the Web Site or customized 3rd party platform
  • Customize reporting to meet individual query needs
  • Obtain electronic invoicing and billing
  • Request special information 

System Technology

REM utilizes sophisticated customized software to link with our network system and quickly identifies the best appraiser, agent, or title company to assist in the completion of a request. This network of professionals is based on a multi-tiered system, which is constantly evaluated for its effectiveness. This allows you to receive timely and accurate information from qualified professionals.

The REM Management system readily identifies duplicate requests, and duplicate payments. Communication of such information is provided immediately. Refunds for duplicate payments will be returned immediately with appropriate documentation.

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