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Confirmation Reports

Confirmation reports are provides to our customers on all orders received along with status reports on items that exceed standard time frames. All reports are sent directly to the ordering customer. Status reports include the reason for a delay and projected completion date. Status reports can be retrieved at any time and can be sorted by individual ordering agent, individual order or by department.  


You will have direct access to individuals with the resources and expertise to address your concerns and provide you with complete and accurate information.  


Reevaluations are available on full Interior Appraisals and BPOs. For any value that may appear questionable, REM will have the original appraiser/agent review the item in question. We require a written reply response explaining his value or provide an updated report or addendum to the original.  

Professional Support

Professional real estate and loan servicing experts are part of the REM Team of professionals. This special team has the experience and knowledge to understand your needs and offer suggestions and solutions to a variety of real estate concerns.  

Customized Services and Products

REM will work with you to understand, identify and customize services and products that will meet your specific needs. Please contact Product Development Department to discuss specific needs or ask one of our coordinators for more information.

Reporting and Invoicing

Customized accounting and invoicing options are available upon request. Standard reports are available on the REM Web Site.

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