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REM Corporation is a nationwide valuation provider for the real estate lending and service industry  

Located in Downers Grove, Illinois since 1992, REM Corporation is committed to providing mortgage lenders with accurate and timely Appraisals, Broker Price Opinion (BPO’s), Title / Current Owner of Record Search, Document Recordings, Portfolio valuations and Land Surveys on residential and small commercial properties nationwide.  

As a member of The Mortgage Bankers Association we are committed to meeting the individual needs of each of our valuation servicing clients.  

Strategic planning and customizing products and services to meet the changing needs of our clients is our mission. We work with each customer to identify current and future needs and develop products that will meet those identified opportunities.

The REM team is comprised of professionals knowledgeable and trained in all aspects of the real estate market and mortgage banking operations. REM ensures that each network professional meets and exceeds industry standards as well as performance standards expected by our clients.

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