Appraiser & Agent Services

Requirements of REM Field Professionals (Both Agents & Appraisers)

For ALL valuation assignment orders:

  • All orders must be confirmed within 24 hours after receipt.
  • Agent / Appraiser MUST be licensed in the state the subject property resides.
  • Agent / Appraiser must be properly licensed and insured.
  • Licensing Status MUST be in good standing with all State, Local and Federal Agencies and NOT on provisional status.
  • All orders need to be completed within the due date specified on the order assignment page.
  • ALL Exterior Orders Require Physical Inspection of the Subject Property from Public Property – DO NOT approach or attempt to contact owner or occupants of the subject property.
  • Required Exterior Photos are, at a minimum, of the Subject Front, Address & Street Scene.
  • Closed sale comps need to be dated within the last 6 months or explanation is required.
  • For Interior valuations Agent / Appraiser must schedule inspection appointment within 24 hours of accepting the order assignment.
  • Interior Photos of the Subject Property are Required and should include photos of all rooms including basement, utilities / mechanicals, garage and outbuildings.
  • Payment will be made approximately 45 days after receipt of final report unless specified by property state.

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